Meridiana: Lines toward A Non-local Alchemy – Booklet

Mine-Map For Five Players


Alphabet, Peaceful, Diminished

Meridiana: Lines toward A Non-local Alchemy – Booklet

  • This is the booklet from the double album “Meridiana: Lines Toward A Non-local Alchemy” by Torben Ulrich and Søren Kjærgaard. 

    The album looks into the interplay of lines, sonically, textually and graphically, inspired by the different meanings and usages of meridians in Eastern (Daoist-alchemical) and Western (geo-navigational) traditions. And the essay contained in the booklet is a thorough explanation on the many aspects, compositionally, textually and philosophically that were basis for their common research in the years leading up to the album release.    

    The project was released as 300 copy limited edition double vinyl, with unique art work by SK and TU, including this booklet of liner notes and texts.

Pludselig, Stilhed – En artikel om John Cage

  • Pludselig, Stilhed (Suddenly, Silence) is an article on John Cage, written by S.K. for the Danish magazine Jazz Special (printed in JS edition #130, December 2012 / January 2013) in celebration of Cage’s centennial on September 5th, 2012.