Jakob Bro – guitar & effects
Søren Kjærgaard – Wurlitzer electric piano & effects
Jonas Westergaard – bass
Jeppe Gram – drums


Bandapart was formed by SK in 2003 and this debut marked the beginning of guitarist Jakob Bro and SK’s collaboration that was to extend to various projects such as Nicolai Munch-Hansen Sextet, Jakob Bro Nonet, Steffen Brandt’s “Baby Blue” and White Trash.

Bandapart was born out of the urge to form a sound in the borderlands between jazz, improvised music, rock and modern classical music. and with their debut album from 2005, they took off with a sound of scenic dimensions, dusty and dreamy spaces reminiscent of both Duke Ellington and Sonic Youth. A feature of Bandapart is the interweaving of the Wurlitzer electric piano and the guitar, often creating a myriad of melodies and sounds in multiple layers.