Søren Kjærgaard – piano
Jonas Westergaard – bas
Frands Rifbjerg – trommer


The double release Amfebia and Akustika was SK’s recording debut as a leader. The two albums feature his former trio with drummer Frands Rifbjerg and bassist Jonas Westergaard with whom he played intensively in the years 2003 to 2007 until forming the trans-Atlantic trio with drummer Andrew Cyrille and bassist Ben Street in 2007.
These two early trio recordings are charged with youthful vigour and excitement, and the trio was a creative nest for the trio concepts that later on were to be further developed with Andrew Cyrille and Ben Street.

Akustika and Amfebia also highlight the early stages of talented bassist Jonas Westergaard and the unique drumming style of Frands Rifbjerg. A true musicians’ musician.